Actuality  winery
Agriculture is one of the priority sectors in the Republic of Armenia therefore one of the key issues of the sector is the preparation of highly qualified specialists in line with modern requirements. The higher and secondary professional education, science and knowledge and target consultation of agrarian system are important for sustainable economic growth and eradication of poverty.

In recent years, a whole army of specialists with higher education has been deprived of jobs because of not only reductions of jobs, but also because of the inadequacy of new labor market requirements. Proceeding from this argument, today Armenian government pays special attention to the further development and deepening of practical knowledge and skills of trainees of the agrarian sector.

The relevance of the project is linked to the development of winemaking in the Republic of Armenia. In the republic, the food industry is one of the most developed branches, which, in its turn, contributes to the development of agriculture.

In this sphere own part has the winemaking as promising branch of national economy.

So it’s not accidental that in the last few years the interest of applicants has constantly increased in technology professions, in particular, on the specialty of “Technology of baking production and winemaking”. Consequently, the problem of securing the sector with qualified personnel becomes one of the priorities of the country’s development.

Establishment of the ANAU Winemaking Training Center has made a serious demand for the quality of technical knowledge of specialists in the field of winemaking, as the graduates have serious difficulties, “facing” with modern technology.

At the same time many processing enterprises in Armenia use the modern lines for the correct operation of which large number of technicians with long-term experience need redefinition.

The relevance of the program is also linked with development of wine tourism in Armenia.

Thus, the ANAU Winemaking Educational and Production Center enables the organization of university education through the “Audience-Production” methodology ensuring training of qualified personnel in this sphere.