Expected outcomes

Expected outcomes Expected outcomes Expected outcomes

The expected outcome of the “Development of Research and Production Component in Winemaking Education” program is self-financing, sustainable reproduction, and the availability of a developing scientific and production base to ensure the country’s wine-making industry with qualified staff and innovations.

The expected outcomes of the project are:

After graduation, ANAU students will have the opportunity to work in the specialty

  • Implementation of scientific research, discoveries in accordance with international standards and their contribution to branch development
  • Organization of modernized and more effective educational process due to the availability of new curricula and programs

Within the framework of the project, ANAU, uniting its scientific-methodological and pedagogical experience and potential, with existing resources (literature, etc.), along with other structures within its structure, has ensured the successful implementation and continuity of the program. Particularly, the EVN Wine Academy, as a structural subdivision, has invested in the development of the program.  Established new wine lab equipped with international standards, introduced its international experience in pedagogy and meschandising.

Tactile and notable results of the project.

  • The fully effective educational system based on the latest educational and material and technical resources
  • Household equipped with the modern scientific and technical equipment for scientific experiments, new technological achievements and advanced technologies
  • The educational content necessary for new organization of winemaking education
  • Availability of wine-making specialized audiences
  • Wine processing, grape and other fruit processing, the use of industrial machinery, consulting and information services in winemaking and related industries
  • Raising Awareness about the University and its Branches
  • Positive growth of wine tourism in Armenia
  • High motivation among students and scientists
  • Due to trainings high-qualified specialists / lecturers

            One of the expected outcomes of the project is the establishment of a wider wine reproduction, which will help ensure the structure’s self-financing, contributing to the implementation of the final outcome of the project.