Goal Goal Goal

The ANAU Winemaking Educational and Production Center was established within the framework of the “Development of Research and Production Component in Winemaking Education” program, the main goal of which is to improve the wine-making education and scientific-production activities of the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) based on the creation of a material and technical new base and the development of existing scientific and educational potential, which will provide competitive experts for branch, to realize research and innovative projects in the field of winemaking.

National Agrarian University of Armenia as the only higher educational institution in the Republic of Armenia providing agricultural education has the aim to unite in unified system the potential of researchers and the existing raw material base of “Viticulture, Fruit Growing and Wine Making Scientific Center” and “Soil Science, Melioration and Agrochemistry Scientific Center named after H. Petrosyan” as well as Balahovit and Voskehat Teaching-Experimental farms operating within ANAU providing high quality graduates in the specialty of technologies of fermentation and winemaking greatly demanded in Armenia and promoting innovations in the research and production sphere.

The specific goals of the ANAU Winemaking Educational and Production Center are:

  • Having modernized production base and possibility of practical knowledge education for providing highly qualified and competitive personnel for winemaking sphere
  • Providing necessary conditions for research works of scientists of ANAU and wine-making industry (Creation of new selection grades and development of new technologies in this area)
  • Continuous modernization of the existing teaching programs and curricula and also theoretical and practical materials teaching based on the corresponding educational prerequisites and requirements of the employer to education
  • Production of local grades of grapes, restoration some of the forgotten grades in the country and also making of innovative products to become an example for other wine-making enterprises operating in Armenia.
  • to promote development of wine tourism in Armenia and to create prerequisites for development of national economy
  • Possibility of creation of theoretical rich knowledge and practical experience for students of “Agrotourism” specialty of “Agrobusiness Teaching” master program within the “Tempus” program operating within ANAU