Target groups

Target groups Target groups Target groups

The activities of the Wine Making Educational and Production center are directed on the following target groups:

Students of ANAU, its branches and State Colleges, primary, secondary, vocational, higher and postgraduate education programs and other HEIs (Armenian and foreign), particularly beneficiaries with the following specializations:

  • Fermentation Technology and Winemaking
  • Agricultural and Food Product Packing Technology and Design
  • Agricultural Raw Material and Food Product Expertise, Standardization and Certification
  • Commodity Science and Commodity Quality Expertise
  • Agribusiness and Marketing
  • Economics and Management of Food Industry
  • Agrarian Production Economics and Management
  • CIS advisory and information
  • Agronomy
  • Other related specialties
  • Scientific Center of Soil Science, Melioration and Agrochemistry named after H. Petrosyan
  • Students of magistracy, post-graduate students, professorial staff of ANAU and other higher educational institutions
  • Agricultural Farms and Farmers օf RA and Regions
  • Farmers from Armenia and the countries of the region, those engaged in the agricultural production and processing, regional, community, public and private advisory bodies, non-governmental organizations
  • EVN wine school and its adjunct laboratory
  • Other Stakeholders
  • Directions for project collaboration and target groups.