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Semi-automatic rinser with 4 places (with centrifugal pump) 1Semi-automatic rinser with centrifugal circulation pump at 4 places. / PT2/

  • Machine built entirely of stainless steel and mounted on foot.
  • Operation with sterile water – discharge away
  • N° seats-4
  • Bottle diameter from Min 60mm / Max 120mm.
  • Complete with a pre-filtration housing PVC and cartridge.
  • Production: 300-500 bottles/h.
  • Workable materials: glass bottles from 0.375 to 2 Lt.
  • Dimensions: 50x50x70 cm (length x width x height).
  • Weight: 15 kg.

Filling and corking machine1Filling and corking machine  / PG 2010/M4/

  • Monobloc type filler – corker
  • Filler type: RLC4
  • Lifting cylinders: pneumatic
  • Level meter connected to the pump
  • Filling system: gravity
  • N° of filling valves: 4
  • Diam. Filling valves: 15 mm.
  • Usable liquids: still wine (free gas, no isobaric)
  • Capper type: mod. PG 2010 with vacuum before corker.
  • Number of capping heads:1
  • Type of caps: straight natural cilindrical cork
  • Closing head: in stainless steel with bronze sliders and hardened jaws
  • Cork feed: by means of mechanical hopper
  • Type of bottle: cylindrical glass 0.75l
  • Bottle diameter: 55/120mm, Bottle height mm: 220/370
  • Power kw: 1,5
  • Pneumatic bottles lifting with drop-down timer and predisposed for pump connection.
  • Mechanical corker machine with buttons operation, automatic corks distribution trough an hopper and pneumatic bottles lifting.
  • Hardened and rectified steel jaws and bronze trolleys, obtained by numerical control machines and working center.
  • Mounted on wheels.
  • Production: 500 bottles/h (0.75 Lt).
  • Workable materials: glass bottles from 0.50 to 2 Lt, corks ∅ 24-28 mm, H 35-50 mm.
  • Dimensions: 130x63x195 cm (length x width x height).
  • Weight: 350 kg.
  • Machine base in robust mechanical carpentry completely coated with stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Safety guards complying with the EEC norms with panels in plastic material.
  • Liquid feed pipe with pneumatic ball valve of stainless steel AISI 304 to control the flux of the liquid in the tank.
  • Feed pump connection controlled through the control panel.
  • Nozzles easily demountable for cleaning and maintenance operation.
  • Ball valve fort the complete discharge of the liquid.
  • Electrical installation built complying with the international security norms with low voltage controls.
  • CORKER for natural straight corks built of stainless steel.
  • Hardened and grounded jaws of steel EM 340 ISOPLAST, easy to demount for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Bottle lift pneumatic cylinder following the international ISO norms.
  • Manual regulation for formed change.
Centrifugal pump with flexible impeller NBR 2Centrifugal pump with flexible impeller NBR / RID-MAJOR 60/

  • Two speed 235/470 rpm. 1,5-2,2 kW.
  • Performance 6300-12000 m3/h H=0mt.
  • Trolley, PVC electric panel, Gearmotor.
  • Inlet/outlet DIN DN50 FF.
Plant-system for microfiltration 1Plant-system for microfiltration /2 x FS13 C /

  • Two single bodies.
  • 2 valve by-pass DIN25.
  • Control glass DIN25.
  • Non-convertible valve DIN25.
Labeling unit with 2 positions 1Labeling unit with 2 positions./ S600/

  • Semi-automatic labeling machine  to  apply  self-adhesive labels and back labels on cylindrical bottles.
  • Front and back labels on separate drums.
  • Maximum labels height 150mm.
  • Labels for cylindrical bottles, with maximum development 280 mm.
  • Stainless steel machine.
  • Output: 400-500 bph.
  • Glass bottle type – cylindrical.
  • It’s possible to install codificator/hot plinter (date of bottling).
  • The maximum height of labels 150mm, external diameter of bobbins 250mm/70mm internal.
  • Acceptable sizes of bottles H.200-370mm, D.50-120mm.