Innovation Innovation Innovation

“Development of Research and Production Component in Winemaking Education” program is a new quality educational and scientific-production complex, where with the expertise of highly-qualified professionals, up-to-date equipment and advanced teaching methods will be trained professionals with the newest theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.

The created base enables the university, its branches and colleges students, scientists and staff to engage in activities in the center, which provides the necessary professional equipment, thus raising the competitiveness level of professionals in the domestic and foreign labor market. The program will incorporate the scientific and material resources of the various departments belonging to the university into a unified system, which will provide competitive experts for branch, to realize research and innovative projects in the field of winemaking. It will enable to provide scientific and production achievements in line with international standards by using new varieties of selective breeding.

Masters and PhD students as well as winemakers and university staff can carry out their attempts at the ANAU Winemaking Educational and Production Center.

The project also provides the opportunity to produce new wines from new varieties, as well as create innovative products within the framework of scientific research work of PhD students, after which they will be presented to Armenian and foreign consumers.

The program can also become an innovative educational framework for adjunct professions, such as the newly “Agrotourism” master program (“Tempus” program operating within ANAU). Taking into consideration Armenia’s experience in wine tourism development (for example, Areni Wine Festival), one can conclude that this profession can become very promising.