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Wine Yards Wine Yards Wine Yards

Upon the program of “Development of research and production component in wine-making education” it is ՀԱԱՀ ,,Ոսկեհատի,, ուսումնափորձնական տնտեսության հողաշինական սխեմա Մ 1։2000anticipated to use the ANAU vineyards located in Voskehat and Nalbandyan communities more efficiently as a raw material base of wine production, the total area of which makes 35 hectares and the average annual yield is 200-250 tons of grape.
Various investigations carried out within the frame of the program have enabled to forecast the wine types to be in demand for coming years, which in its turn has served as a background to set up vineyards in the appropriate direction in the ANAU land areas.

Within the program, 8 hectares of the vineyard with the area of 16 hectares were cultivated at Voskehat teaching experimental farm in 2017, where 2,5 hectares of the grape sort “Rqatsiteli”, 2,5 hectares of “Charents” sort and 3 hectares of “Kangun” grape sort are being grown. The other 8 hectares is going to be cultivated in 2018: 2,5 hectares of “Kangun” grape sort and that of 3 hectares of “Haghtanak” will be grown. There is a vineyard with the area of 14,5 hectare in Nalbandyan community and still 4,5 hectares will be cultivated in the near future.

During the program accomplishment innovative technologies have been developed paying special attention to the grape selective sorts and to the methods of producing wine from these sorts.

The exploitation of the wine-making factory implies to stimulate the production of the local technical grape sorts renovating the cultivation of some sorts neglected in our republic and as a result of all these to produce new production sorts, to serve as an example for the other wine-making companies of the republic, whereby promoting the diversification and exportation process of wine production in the republic, as well as to establish prerequisites for the economic development of the country.